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Carlos Juan Finlay

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For twenty years of his professional life, renowned Cuban physician and scientist Carlos J. Finlay stood at the center of a vigorously debated medical controversy.  The etiology of yellow fever -- its causes and origins -- had puzzled medical practitioners since the earliest recorded cases of the disease in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Periodic epidemics of yellow fever ravaged the population of Finlay's native Cuba, particularly affecting the citizens of Havana, where he set up a medical practice in 1864.  Finlay was intensely interested in epidemiology and public health, and his initial work on cholera -- the result of a severe outbreak of the disease in Havana in 1867 -- challenged the received wisdom of medical authorities. 
His conclusion that the disease was waterborne, though later verified, was rejected by publishers at the time.  Finlay soon afterwards began research on yellow fever, publishing his first paper on it in 1872. Here the same keen observations and logical deductions which informed his analysis of cholera lead him to propose in 1881 that the Culex mosquito be "hypothetically considered as the agent of transmission of yellow fever."  This time the paper was published, but the wide professional circulation of  The Annals of the Academy of Medical, Physical, and Natural Sciences of Havanadid not assure Finlay of widespread support.  Indeed, only one other Cuban physician, Claudio Delgado, rallied to Finlay's side in those early years.  
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Philosophy Teacher

By : Unknown
Teachers . Who does not know this word . Since we are toddlers , we have started to get acquainted with him . Undeniably, the teacher plays an important role in our life career . It can be seen all around us , where we can fairly easily distinguish those who are not educated with . Perhaps from his perspective , to overcome the problem , in fact it could be of any visible difference to dress , maa who merpendidikan and not . People who are not educated to solve the problem by studying the life experience and instinct . However , in contrast to people who are not educated , educated premises troubleshooting tools that are more complete , that is by studying the experience of life , instinct , and science . Science is what made ​​the difference . Knowledge can only be acquired by education , however it kind of education . Here, the role of a teacher is vital . The teacher acts as a facilitator , as a person who shall be able to answer what is asked by his disciples , and of course as protector , caregiver for his students , and parents as much as possible into the second for his students .
And over time , the vital role of the teacher began to erode . Gradually eroded , as if nothing happened what but behind it , we could see it clearly keterkikisan . Comparison can we do to do . Compare the present with the past five to ten years ago . We begin with a comparison output , that is, those people who are now adults and coined the job , with children who are now middle bench received his secondary education . Seen that the ancient children , or who have become adults now have more appreciation for teachers . Children ancient life more orderly . School in the morning , lunch break , afternoon break in the Koran . Average earlier times children have a good foundation of religion because religion and education about life not only taught within the limits of competence in the curriculum . But more than that , education of life is also done every opportunity . A teacher not only teaches the calculation calculation , memorization , logic and the logic of the ratio of thinking to solve problems alone , more than the teacher using it it invites us to better understand the essence of life and build a foundation of his spiritual children . Not infrequently used when teaching , a senior teacher tells a story of life , with examples of exemplary cleverly chosen , seasoned scientific knowledge , which brings us to a deeper understanding of our nature as beings be god fearing and use science for the purpose of the injunction doing good and avoiding evil . This is why the average age children first have an understanding of religion , as well as environmentally sensitive taste good . Thus, in ancient times , very rarely we hear there are children who dared to parents , memberandal , like issuing a dirty word , and other bad deeds which now seems to have become a common sight we find around us .
Now the second comparison can be made ​​. Having previously discussed the phenomenon of life of children is past, now is the time we see the reality in front of our eyes now . Yes , kids today , a time when everything can be obtained easily and quickly , it is supposed to make us more grateful and wise . However, we see a phenomenon that quickly erode the value of values ​​and norms that have long been built by our nation . Globalization spread so fast , pervades every joint kehdupan , giving menfaat well as carrying poison to our society . Losing the norm caused many people to lose direction , just act according to any trend . And worse , it is our children that it is closest to the threat of demoralization as a result of globalization . Quite often we meet a kindergartener who are already fluent utter a dirty word , brave in the elderly , memberandal , and other negative things . Quite often we see children of primary school age to dye his hair , using blackmetal accessories , and watch the rock music that many words that should never have known they floated in the lyrics and rhythm of the music . In these circumstances , the need for a figure who has charisma , authority , and power to " subdue " . And when someone is not afraid of others even if others it is the parents themselves , then the most appropriate figure to " conquer " the person is none other not , is a teacher .
Why teachers ? Perhaps the question will arise in your mind . Science teacher is a catalyst . As in a chemical reaction , a catalyst role in the reaction rate . The catalyst will not change shape during the reaction , but the effect is very visible on the outcome of the reaction . Each person must have the ability to learn , which made ​​the difference is the time it takes each person to understand a problem and memecahkanya . Here, the teacher takes on the role of the catalyst. The teacher directs students to more quickly understand a problem , and then solve it . Here the teacher has shown that he is a man of knowledge , exceeds the knowledge held by students . From this sense of hurmat will appear . Any stubborn person , as long as a teacher is still able to position himself more " intelligent " than the people , during the same respect will remain etched in people 's hearts . And when the respect has been earned by a teacher , a teacher can exert influence on the boy . Here, the role of teachers as second parents should be run . Teachers as much as possible to position themselves as the best friend and esteemed dihadapa students. When we find no proper action is done by a student , the teacher can take repressive measures , such as with a shout and maybe a bit of a " physical " is not painful as punishment , and others . That way the students will be aware of the action taken was a
n error . After that , the teacher immediately transformed as a friend . Come students , invite discussion , extract information from their students , why he did it . Like the saying goes " no ivory that is not cracked ," every action has a definite cause . And after knowing what the cause of action of the student , the teacher must be able to provide solutions to problems experienced by students , either by giving advice , or with concrete action . Up here the teacher has played its role , as a mentor , protector , respected people , teachers , students and parents both . Teachers not only be a teacher in a class that provides a row of equations , logic , and other competencies . More than that teachers participate and become part of a social control mechanism . Being a role model is favored by students , and students must come away from the bad influence of today's modern environment that threatens the psychological development of students students.

The teacher is basically a synthesis of the phrase " digugu and Imitated " . Full word philosophy on life sciences . Already selayaknyalah teachers not just be a bridge of matter material schoolgirl . But more than that , the teacher was the second parent for the student , in which at least one student will spend 4 hours a day with the teachers in educational institutions . Inevitably , the role of the teacher for the future life of the child is also significant . And it became apparent evidence , that the philosophy of the teacher not only as a catalyst science school science , but more than that , a philosophy teacher , is a creator of the future, instilling ideals , motivations and expectations for the future of their students .
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halaman belakang rumah

By : Unknown
Somewhere stands a house that is perfect , its inhabitants consist of one family . If we get in front of house position there are a pair of beautiful chairs with carved roses shaped , very interesting when seen . And the first room is the living room there are chairs and tables are very beautiful made ​​of wood . To the right of the living room and the main room there is a second , to the next room is the family room . It was there where they come together while watching TV , there is also room of electronic items such as a computer , piano , and so forth .

There is a mosque next room , dining room , kitchen , and others. There is room dining table and chairs . Tables and chairs are made ​​of iron and an oval table . Next to the dining room there is a mosque , that's where they are to worship together .

To the left of the mosque artifacts that kitchen space for cooking . There are kitchen tools made ​​of aluminum and a cupboard for storing food , the kitchen is also a place to wash dishes and plate rack is made ​​of iron and glass . And on the right there is a place to wash clothes and others.

Yard behind the house there is a swimming pool and badminton field . The pool is made ​​from stone mountain and sky blue colored ceramic coated , the pool is used exclusively family members only and the pool is approximately 9 × 9cm . There are also plants that shade .

The place used to calm down , and next to the pool there is a place to rest as seating is also a place to play , right beside the pool there is a badminton court , the field is used on holidays . There are a chair and attractive ornaments . Badminton field that there is a net that is fitted with a very neat used as a net .

The field length is approximately 10 × 5cm . The field was surrounded by beautiful flowers such as orchids , roses , shoes , jasmine , and others .

So the backyard was shaded and comfortable , if deemed atmosphere feels cool and comfortable .
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Maria Callas

By : Unknown
Maria CallasCommendatore OMRI (GreekΜαρία Κάλλας; December 2, 1923 – September 16, 1977) was an American-born Greek soprano and one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century. Critics praised her bel canto technique, wide-ranging voice and dramatic gifts. Her repertoire ranged from classical opera seria to the bel canto operas of DonizettiBellini and Rossini; further, to the works of Verdi and Puccini; and, in her early career, to the music dramas of Wagner. Her musical and dramatic talents led to her being hailed as La Divina.

Born in New York City and raised by an overbearing mother, she received her musical education in Greece and established her career in Italy. Forced to deal with the exigencies of wartime poverty and with myopia that left her nearly blind onstage, she endured struggles and scandal over the course of her career. She turned herself from a heavy woman into a svelte and glamorous one after a mid-career weight loss, which might have contributed to hervocal decline and the premature end of her career. The press exulted in publicizing Callas's allegedly temperamental behaviour, her supposed rivalry withRenata Tebaldi and her love affair with Aristotle Onassis. Her dramatic life and personal tragedy have often overshadowed Callas the artist in the popular press. However, her artistic achievements were such that Leonard Bernstein called her "the Bible of opera"; and her influence was so enduring that, in 2006, Opera News wrote of her: "Nearly thirty years after her death, she's still the definition of the diva as artist—and still one of classical music's best-selling vocalists."
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